A person can become a franchisee by paying a franchisee deposit fee of Rs.10,000/= You will be required to make a team and guide them to grow. You will also be required to keep a stock of minimum 10 E-pins to help activate ID's of team members. Each course is worth Rs.1999/= but will be available at an introductory offer of only Rs.1000/= A franchisee will get income from his entire team as well as franchisee commission. Franchisee will purchase E-pins directly from admin and can sell to their leaders or directly to any referral. You will also earn a small commission for every E-pin you sell as per the rates. 

A franchisee should be able to handle his own team through a Franchisee Admin Panel.
Commission rates may vary and may include special offers
E-PINS PURCHASE : Rs. 10,000
(Franchisee will earn a commission rate on sale of E-pins as well as total team commission)
FRANCHISEE FEE  : Rs. 20,000
E-PINS PURCHASE : Rs. 20,000
(Franchisee will earn a higher commission rate on sale of E-pins as well as on the total team commissions)
With this franchisee you will also get the opportunity to run Mobile and DTH Recharge business and online and offline shopping business at no extra cost. You can also tie up with us for further business deals.
All the best, dear "PARTNER"