About Us

Our core business is Edutech Direct Marketing Services. We have been in the business since June 2014.We are an organization registered in Kolkata, West Bengal. Edutech Direct Marketing Services (EDM Smartpay) runs various services like Web Designing, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Online Services and MLM Business. We are an ISO Certified company.

As you go around, you will understand that, English is the most commonly spoken language in the world. One out of five people can speak or at least understand English. India's population was 133 crore as of April 2017. Only 12.5 crore people speak fluent English in India. Pupils should first be exposed to spoken English with an emphasis on listening and speaking, duly followed by reading and writing.

English Seva is an organisation importing a new and unique course for English learners. This course is simple, accurate and meticulously designed in four phases -




These programs are taught in English with inputs in Hindi as well. All courses are designed using written materials, audio and video lessons, slide shows and animation. Through these courses you will be able to enhance your vocabulary, learn grammar, learn sentence construction, learn to greet people and strike up a conversation in English with friends and relatives and which time you will grow in confidence to speak fluent English.

It's time to make an important decision now. Move with the times and upgrade your English speaking skills from the comfort of your home. Plan your bright future with us. We offer you a unique opportunity to enhance your approach to life and change for the better. Through our courses, you can learn to speak English even from a basic level. You will experience the difference. Learn with us. Grow with us.